About Us

Musical-e is committed to powering creativity in today’s dynamic music marketplace by providing the best distribution, marketing and rights management tools and services to content creators and owners.

We develop state-of-the-art, cost-efficient and scalable technology platforms, and our partners benefit from our experienced, knowledgeable people, our unparalleled commitment to customer service and our thoughtful marketing solutions that drive results.

We aspire to be the most transparent and solution-driven partner for all of the labels & artists we work with. We believe this approach helps us and our partners succeed today and for years to come.

Musical-e was founded in 2015 with a mission to create the “digital record label of the future”. As one of the first independent distribution companies to partner with iTunes, the start-up began to build its retail network. In its early days, The San Francisco Business Times profiled the company and called Musical-e “a powerful growing force to decentralize the power base of the music industry”.

What we do

Aggregation Service

Distribute your content to hundreds of digital services, whether direct or via Musical-e aggregation for 100% market reach. Musical-e aggregation makes it possible for you to deliver content over Musical-e’s deals to DSPs you do not have an agreement with. Our aggregation service utilizes the direct deal technology of the Musical-e Platform. This means you still choose what you deliver to whom and when, while retaining granular control over pricing and release dates, and your content will be live in-store within hours. Our system allows any combination of direct deals and aggregated deals within the exact same delivery workflow, and we offer you complete flexibility: switch from an aggregated to a direct deal and vice versa instantly.

Musical-e offers project-based service for established artists tired of the traditional route, and emerging artists who want control. We provide dedicated team in London to manage your global campaigns. Our services will allow you the freedom to focus on creating great music & engaging with your fans:

Project Management
Marketing, timeline, budgets, distribution, hired teams, advertising, pre-order retail, brand integration and more
Project Management
Marketing, timeline, budgets, distribution, hired teams, advertising, pre-order retail, brand integration and more
Build radio, video promotion plan & budget, hire teams manage efforts and drive ads
Sync Licensing
Placements include TV, Film, Trailer, Commercial, Game, Apps and much more
Oversee or assist with social networks, online marketing, brand integration, technology, tour marketing & development
Work with a wide variety of external PR companies & find the best match for each campaign
Because Musical-e sits within the larger  distribution company, projects are marketed & sold from within the same organization, from start to finish