New Era for Musical-E and MRJ !

In order to increase the distribution and promotion of our artists, Musical-E and his sub-label MRJ announces the beginning of very promising partnerships.

Having a predominance and affinity with the Electro/Lounge style and some Modern Jazz artists, we contacted several Fitness clubs, some restaurant bars, and a few adult clubs in mid-November 2018, in order to obtain a possible large-scale distribution within its establishments.

After many discussions, phone calls, compromises, but also human relations that were extremely enriching from a professional as well as a human point of view, many agreements were reached.

Musical-E and MRJ are proud to have been able to conclude a deal allowing the distribution of several pre-designed playlists, depending on affinities, in more than 50 selected establishments.

We hope that this will lead to an even better recognition of the professionalism of our Label, and the quality of the artists who contribute to it.

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